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About Company

Over the past 25 years, from a successful management construction company, we have transformed into an innovative leading organization with high ambitions - to change the construction industry into what we know it can be. Thus, the vision of Most Group is to transform construction by providing the very best construction solutions and outcomes for our projects.

In addition to the aforementioned company values, we have established a strong corporate culture that places special emphasis on cutting-edge solutions for our projects and activities. We are open to new ideas, practices, and ways of thinking. Our construction team is broad-minded, focused on collaboration, and open cooperation.

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м³ concrete produced

ton of asphalt produced

2024 - present

2023 - 2021

The Project for Avalanche Protection on Bishkek-Osh Road in Kyrgyz Republic

- General contractor DAI NIPPORN IWATA CHIZAKI JV.

Restoration of road pavement in Bishkek city

- joint project with China Road and Bridge Corporation in Kyrgyzstan

2021 - 2019

North-South Alternative Road Reconstruction Project Phase III

km 159-183 China Road & Bridge Corporation-Most Group LLC Consortium

Project for the reconstruction of roads in Bishkek city

- China Road and Bridge Corporation.

2019 - 2015

Asphalting on Kirova St.

Stone-Matrix Asphalting (SMA) on Kirova St. 1 km - client DEU28 DDH at MOTC KR

Asphalting on the Prigorodnoe-Ozernoe highway

SMA on the Prigorodnoe-Ozernoe highway; 4.2 - 5.5 km

Road surface restoration in Bishkek

- China Road and Bridge Corporation in Kyrgyzstan.

Construction of Gagarina St. highway

Construction of Gagarina St. highway, Bishkek city - client OGUKS City Hall of Bishkek.

Construction of Djamgerchinova St. highway

Construction of Djamgerchinova St. highway, Bishkek city - client OGUKS City Hall of Bishkek.

2013 - 2010

Construction of Ken-Bulun river bridge in Chui region

- General contractor IWATA CHIZAKI INC. JAPAN

Project "Kolmo".

General contractor: the Capital Construction Board of Bishkek city Administration.

Bridge spans and supports construction.

General contractor. State management of railways of the Kyrgyz Republic.

2010 - 2003

Construction of Infrastructure: Paving IDIQ Contract

General contractor 376 AEW/ECONS MANAS AIR BASE.

Our Partners

At MostGroup, our goal is to keep our clients for life. We are a relationship focused organization that seeks long lasting relationships with our clients and industry associates.



Tokyo, Japan

Iwata Chizaki Inc. is a construction company primarily engaged in heavy and civil construction, including residential, medical, and educational facilities, roads, airports, dams, bridges, tunnels, and other projects. Iwata Chizaki operates both domestically and internationally.



Berlin, Germany

HOCHTIEF is a global infrastructure group engaged in engineering, holding leading positions in its core business in construction, services, and concessions/public-private partnerships (PPP), with a focus on Australia, North America, and Europe.



Istanbul, Turkey

ENTES is a European technology company that has been diligently working on energy management since 1980, where energy is valuable and too costly.


Kyrgyz Railways


State Enterprise "National Company 'Kyrgyz Railways'" carries out passenger and freight transportation by rail. This activity is regulated by the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Bishkek City Hall

Bishkek city


Bishkek Heating Network

Bishkek city


Tutor Perini Corporation

California, US

Tutor Perini Corporation is one of the largest general contractors in the United States. By the end of 2013, the company's annual revenue amounted to approximately $4.2 billion. The headquarters of Tutor Perini is located in Sylmar, California, and it operates on construction projects throughout North America.


Flour Corporation

Shanhai, China

Fluor Corporation is an American multinational engineering and construction firm headquartered in Irving, Texas. It is a holding company that, through its subsidiaries, provides services in the following areas: oil and gas, industrial and infrastructure, government, and power.


China Road and Bridge Corporation

Beijing, China

China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), which is listed on the Fortune Global 500, specializes in global civil engineering and construction projects, such as highways, railways, bridges, ports, and tunnels.


The Embassy of the United States in the Kyrgyz Republic

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The Embassy of the United States in the Kyrgyz Republic is our longstanding partner and client in the field of road construction and the provision of various services. We highly value this partnership, which serves as confirmation of our ability to deliver high-quality and reliable services.


376th Air Expeditionary Wing

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The 376th Air Expeditionary Wing (376 AEW) is a deactivated wing of the United States Air Force. It was last located at the Transit Center at Manas International Airport in the Kyrgyz Republic to support US and ISAF operations in Afghanistan.



Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The Agency for Regional Development and Investment of the Kyrgyz Republic (ARIS) was established by the Decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic on October 15, 2003, with the aim of deepening measures to attract investment for poverty alleviation, development, and support of private entrepreneurship within the framework of the National Poverty Reduction Strategy, strengthening the activities of local self-government bodies, and enhancing local communities and communal organizations.


Dai Nippon Construction

Gifu, Japan

Dai Nippon Construction is a Japanese construction and real estate company founded in 1918 with a capital of 2 billion yen. The company specializes in construction, design, real estate management, and also provides services in regional development and agriculture.